Top reasons to study Entrepreneurship in the UK

Startup culture is evolving at a fast pace. However, in order to achieve the desired success as an entrepreneur; one must gain knowledge and skills prior to launching his/her startup dream. If you are planning to pursue a course in entrepreneurship abroad then the UK is undoubtedly the best option to consider.

Here are top 5 reasons that make UK top destination for studying business:

  1. As per the Global Entrepreneurship Index 2017, the UK is one of the top ten global destinations for entrepreneurship. Business-friendly regulations, skilled workforce and Tier-1 (Graduate Entrepreneur) visa have made it easy for international students to start, grow, and run a business in the UK.
  1. Top business schools such as Said Business School, Judge Business School or Imperial Business School in the UK place special emphasis on digital technology and entrepreneurship.
  1. The Universities in the UK focus on ensuring that the new entrepreneurs not only make a significant contribution to the local economy but also initiate their own business upon completion of education.
  1. Possessing a credible business plan allows Tier-1 (Graduate Entrepreneur) Visa students to stay in the UK for a year after completing graduation. However, the plan must be approved by their university. One can also opt for extending the visa upon showing satisfactory progress in the business plan.
  1. Once the tenure of your Graduate Entrepreneur visa is over, you are eligible to switch to Tier 1 Entrepreneur with reduced investment funds of £50,000. This visa is initially valid for 3 years and 4 months but it can be further renewed if you meet the extension requirements.

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