Top reasons to preserve your old passport

Passport is a travel document, issued by a country’s government, which certifies the identity and nationality of its holder in most cases and primarily used and required for the purpose of international travel. But is it only a travel document? What after you run out of pages in your passport? Is it still worthy of being preserved or should you just discard it? These are some important questions that often strike our mind when the old passport expires. Through this blog post, we intend to put light on the need to preserve your old passport. Read on:

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  • The first and foremost reason for keeping your old passport is that even when your passport expires, it is possible that the visas in it are still valid to use.
  • In case you lose your current passport in a foreign country, possessing the old passport eases the process of obtaining a replacement passport.
  • An expired passport can’t be used for travel but it can still be used as a form of ID.
  • When applying for PR in another country, you are asked to present the documents that show your travel history in which case old passport can be used.

Though it’s not necessary to carry your old passport along each time you travel abroad but in case it contains valid visas then you need to carry it. Some countries allow you to transfer a valid visa from a canceled passport to the new one, in which case you wouldn’t be required to carry your old passport. It is recommended to transfer the valid visas from old passport to the new one in order to avoid future hassles and ensure smooth travel experience.

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