Top 5 places to visit on your trip to Canada

Canada boasts of breathtaking landscapes and untouched scenery which attract tourists from world over. The country is home to vibrant and culturally rich cities, along with incredible natural wonders. There is an endless list of great places to explore in Canada. So, if you are planning to visit Canada;

The below list would prove helpful to ensure a worthy trip(Canada):

  1. Banff National Park, Alberta

Banff is Canada’s oldest national park and also a World Heritage Site. It boasts some of the world’s finest unspoiled ecosystems. There are more than a thousand hiking trails with a picturesque view of beautiful lakes, mountains, and streams. This place also offers wildlife tours, ice walks, snowshoeing, and dogsled and horse sleigh rides.

  1. CN Towers, Toronto

Apart from being one of the most iconic landmarks of Canada, CN Towers also rank among world’s top tourist destinations. This engineering marvel is internationally acclaimed entertainment and dining destination. It is home to the Hockey Hall of Fame and a plethora of museums, galleries, theatres, shops, and restaurants.

  1. Notre Dame Basilica Cathedral, Montreal

The Notre Dame was the first ever cathedral built in North America, in 1647. Since then this world heritage site has undergone many structural and décor changes by renowned artists and architects. Visiting here would surely be a great experience for those who have a keen interest in architecture and design.

  1. Cavendish Beach, Prince Edward Island

Situated on the Atlantic coast, Cavendish Beach is full of red sand. Here you can see red sandstone cliffs, dunes, and rock structures. This place lets you enjoy various activities like deep sea fishing and snorkeling. You can also explore the local cuisine of the nearby town.

  1. Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls is, undoubtedly, Canada’s most famous natural attraction. The sight is nothing like you’ve ever experienced before. There are plenty of activities around the area to suit all interests; these include live music, theatre, golfing and shopping.

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