English improvement tips to ease your everyday life in Australia

When you move to Australia, finding the confidence to speak English is often more challenging than expected. The reason is that English natives speak fast as well as have an altogether different accent. Hence, you may take time to adapt to their English in terms of speaking as well as understanding. This can impact your whole overall experience in the new country as English is the key – to find a job and meet new friends.

So, here are 5 tips to help you improve your English faster:

1. Listen more

English is a global language but the accent of spoken English varies in different countries. Hence, listening carefully is the best way to get used to the new accent. You can watch videos on the internet (TED talks, Youtube channels, etc.) or Australian TV channels like SBS, Seven and Ten. Prefer videos with English subtitles for better understanding.

2. Talk

Confidence is the key! With confidence, you are better able to express yourself. Initially it might take time to acquaint yourself with the new accent while speaking but gradually you will be able to adapt to it. If you have native English friends, ask them to correct your pronunciation and grammar, if required.

3. Read

Reading English texts and articles can prove highly beneficial in improving your grammar. This will also help you learn new words. You can start by reading short texts such as press articles or blogs initially and then gradually shift towards short stories and novels. Train yourself to read a bit every day to gain command over the language.

4. Write

Indulge yourself in writing as it would not only improve your grammar but also train your brain to think in English. Herein, starting your personal blog is a good idea!

5. Take English courses

You can also opt for classroom-based English courses to boost your English level within a stipulated time frame. This would help you be more confident while speaking, thus ensuring a better social and professional life in Australia.

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