Eligible Occupation List for Canada PR Visa

The lenient immigration policies, as well as the availability of sundry job options in Canada, have always attracted immigrants to work there. However, unlike visit visa or tourist visa for Canada; the process for availing PR visa requires you to meet several eligibility criteria. To move to Canada on PR Visa as a skilled worker, you need to apply in any of the relevant immigration programs and fulfill the criteria to get invited for the PR visa.

Eligibility Occupation List

It is often noticed that candidates looking for Canada PR remain confused about Eligibility Occupation List of Canada. Herein, it’s important to know that unlike Australia; Canada does not have any federal or central occupation list to invite permanent or temporary visa applications. The below mentioned PR visa pathways in Canada would prove helpful in understanding the Occupation list system of Canada.

There are two pathways to avail Permanent Residency Visa in Canada. These include:

Federal Express Entry System- This is the federal online immigration system of Canada wherein the interested candidates are asked to register online. Based upon the points scored for key profile factors (age, education, work experience, language ability, etc), the candidates have issued the invitations to apply for PR Visa. The candidates who possess skills and experience matching the National Occupational Classification (skill level 0, A and B) are eligible to apply in the FSWP sub-category.

Provincial Immigration Programs- This is another key pathway to apply for PR in Canada. Herein, the candidates need to apply in the immigration programs of the Canadian provinces i.e. apply in any of the Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs) or Quebec Skilled Worker Program (QSWP). The province then nominates the selected candidates thus making them eligible to apply for Canada PR to IRCC. While applying for the Provincial Nominee Programs, the candidates need to refer to separate high demand occupation list of the respective province.

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