Dealing with UK visa rejection

Visa rejection is common but it’s important to know the right way to deal with it rather than losing hope. In case of UK visa refusal, you receive detailed information whether or not you have the right to appeal your refusal.In general, visa appeals are common for people related to, married to, or dependent on British citizens. In this case, the applicant can file the notice of appeal along with the supporting documents. The Entry Clearance Manager or Immigration officer would then review its original decision. If the review maintains the original decision, for non-settlement cases, the Entry Clearance Manager would take 8-11 weeks for preparing the necessary documentation for your appeal. However, if your case is a settlement case then 16-19 weeks would be required for preparing the necessary documentation.

However, people who have applied for any of the points-based systems don’t have the right to appeal rather; such applicants can opt for the administrative review, another process for getting the application reviewed. This review takes into consideration the points allocated and checks whether or not the application was correctly assessed by the original officer. The Administrative review is not available in case the applicant wants to provide additional evidence/documents to the home office. It’s important to note that you should demand an Administrative Review no more than 28 days after receiving the refusal notice from the Embassy. Along with the visa refusal notice, the embassy also sends an administrative review request notice and an administrative review request notice guidance notes.

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