Activities to do in Canada during winter season

Winter is certainly the best season to visit Canada as you get to enjoy sundry activities there. Even the students who are in Canada for a degree can make the best of their weekends and holidays by indulging in these fun-filled activities available during the winter months. Read on:

Canada winter season Pathways Visas

Northern Lights – You must have seen Northern Lights in movies, photos, or documentaries but have you ever wished to witness them in real? If yes then you ought to visit Canada to experience Northern Lights. Since it is not a digital projection or a laser show, the appearance of the lights varies depending on the latitude. The various places where you can view the Northern lights include Nunavut, Yellowknife and Yukon

Tubing – Tubing is a thrilling sport that involves sitting in a circular rubber tube and speeding down a giant slide made of snow and ice. A group of 4 can slide together at once wherein each person has their own tube. You can also record video of your ride down. There are many tubing parks around Canada and so you can choose the one in close proximity to your place of stay.

Ice skating – You must have experienced skating on artificial ice in malls or adventure parks but skating on naturally frozen ice is a completely different experience. Lake Louise, in Banff (Alberta) freezes during the winter months and thus offers the best ice skating experience. This place also treats you to a magnificent view of Victoria Glacier and the Rocky Mountains

Helicopter Tours – The Helicopter tours let you witness the natural beauty of Canada with a 360 degree view. Winter is the best season for this activity as during this time the mountains are caked with snow, lakes and rivers are frozen, and the landscape is absolutely breathtaking. Helicopter tours are offered in Banff National Park (Alberta), Whistler Blackcomb (British Columbia), and other major tourist locations in scenic areas.

So, what are you waiting for? Apply for your visit visa to Canada via Pathway Visas and enjoy these activities.

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